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"There is so much great information here. I love the video format!"

- Catherine H.

Role: Director at Higher Ed University

" A very easy to follow format. The delegation piece speaks to me!"

- Jennifer V.

Role: Company Founder

Better Your Best with a TEAMES global Course Today!

Do you want to be a stronger leader? Do you want to build exceptional teams? Do you struggle with goal setting? Do you wish it was easier to give and receive feedback? Well, we are here to help!

Why TEAMES Global?

At TEAMES & Co we help organizations create customer-centric strategies and work with leadership teams to implement organizationss that align to those strategies. We have developed a reputation of success and love rolling up our sleeves to work directly with clients like you.

Our hands-on experience has shown us that there are consistent training gaps that exist within many teams and many organizations. Whether a first-time people leader or a senior executive, all leaders can benefit from new tools and insights to help them best lead their team. 

This was the inspiration behind the TEAMES Global. In these courses, we’ve translated our knowledge into easily digestible online learning courses. We have structured these courses to build on the TEAMES & CO belief that empowered teams deliver exceptional results. Courses reinforce our belief at TEAMES & CO that accelerated growth is achieved at the intersection of ambitious strategy, exceptional customer experience, and empowered teams.

While each course may focus in on each of these areas in varying ways, taken together our courses provide new leaders, teams and even executives the tools they need to grow their businesses, empower their teams, and delight their customers.  Our hope is that organizations will use these courses as a training tool to build a shared approach and together make their organization more effective.  

The TEAMES Global courses may be used independently, in conjunction with more traditional workshop-based training facilitated by TEAMES & CO, or as part of a broader organizational design effort. 

Tracy Eames Headshot

Hi, I’m Tracy Eames, Founder and President of TEAMES & CO and TEAMES Global

From family-owned to global household names like I have worked with countless teams to launch brands, execute go-to-market strategies, and build brand loyalty across global markets. I have worked globally and domestically, leading large-scale change management initiatives to optimize operational excellence and build cultures of innovation that accelerated growth.

I say all this to share that I have been in your shoes. I have faced big challenges, led ambitious teams, and needed to deliver results in a changing environment.

While our TEAMES & CO team is passionate about helping organizations grow and build exceptional teams, I believe building great teams should be accessible to all leaders and organizations. For this reason we have taken our proven consulting tools and built out course work for leaders and their teams.

We hope you take the first step in achieving what is next for you and for your team, and join us for a TEAMES GLOBAL Course, or two!

We look forward to your feedback, and are so excited for you as you take this leap!